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How to Reduce Your Income Taxes and Build Wealth Using Your Contingency Fees

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How to Reduce Your Income Taxes and Build Wealth Using Your Contingency Fees

Presented by Greg Maxwell, Esq., CFP®

Training Overview

In this training video, Greg Maxwell shares a powerful (and underutilized) income planning strategy unique to plaintiff attorneys. This strategy helps contingency fee-based attorneys reduce their annual income taxes and build wealth in the most tax-efficient way possible.
Highlights of this training include:
  • How attorneys can use the same tax-planning strategy as Fortune 500 CEOs to significantly reduce (and control) their income tax bill
  • Why this strategy is the most effective way for attorneys to save on income taxes and build wealth (and why other options pale in comparison)
  • Bonus strategies, including how to place "golden handcuffs" on key employees without giving up any equity

Introduction Video

Why Watch the Training?
Plaintiff Attorneys Need Customized Planning
 Your unpredictable cash flows present unique challenges. Learn a customized approach to normalize your cash flows.
You're Paying Too Much Each Year to Uncle Sam
Don't pay half of your income to Uncle Sam. Learn how to make your legal fees work for you (instead of for Uncle Sam).
Intelligently Plan For Future Needs & Goals
Learn to save for your future goals on a pre-tax and tax-deferred basis — without the restrictions of a 401(k) or IRA.
What Our Attorney Clients Are Saying:
"If you're a plaintiff attorney, you owe it to yourself to listen to Greg and to learn about the income tax reduction strategies he teaches.

Applying his strategies has been a game-changer for me to control my income taxes and plan for my retirement."
Dave Tullis  |  Driggs, Bills & Day
"The plan Greg outlined for me is so much better than what my CPA recommended (and my CPA didn't even know this option existed).

It nauseates me how much income tax I could have saved if I had started using this strategy 5-10 years ago."
Brett Boulton  |  Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton

About Greg Maxwell, Esq., CFP

Focused Solely on Plaintiff Firms and Their Clients
As a practicing attorney and Certified Financial Planner, Greg is uniquely qualified to help contingency fee-based attorneys handle income tax and retirement planning issues. 
For nearly 20 years, Greg has helped plaintiff attorneys nationwide reduce their taxable income through strategies available only to contingency fee-based plaintiff attorneys.
Greg is the co-founder of Amicus Settlement Planners. Amicus is 100% plaintiff-loyal and works exclusively with plaintiff attorneys and their clients to help them maximize their settlement recoveries.
Industry-Leading Expertise
Greg is a past president and board member of the Society of Settlement Planners, a national organization that advocates for plaintiff’s rights in the settlement planning process.
He is a member of the American Association for Justice, the Utah Association for Justice, and is a frequent speaker to local, state, and national trial lawyer organizations on settlement planning related topics, and has authorized many articles in trial journals across the country.
Watch the Training Today!
At Amicus Settlement Planners, we work with hundreds of attorneys nationwide. Nearly every attorney who watches this training and implements these strategies says the same thing: "I wish I had known about this years ago!" 

Registration is free, so make sure to watch the training today!
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